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Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore
Listed character house to restore

Ref : 9865MAM

Listed character house to restore

 Area Vallée De La Bluech

Habitable : 342 m²    Usable* : nc    Land : 260 m²   
 Usable surface = Living surface plus the surfaces of the covered annexes whose height is greater than 1.80 m

Maisons de maitre for sale Hautes-Alpes. Exterior North facade on two levels Exposed stones covered with smooth plaster to restore 5 openings for this facade 1st level, wooden door and wooden window, two leaves 2nd level, 3 wooden windows, two leaves Roof in good condition for this facade with rainwater drainage system, Horizontal gutter and downpipe for rainwater installed in the center of the facade

In summary

Rooms : 31

Bedrooms : nc

Bathrooms : nc

Swimming pool : non

Garage place : nc

Parking space : nc

Outbuildings : non

  To be reviewed

ADVANTAGES :   Historic and listed building   |   Large exploitable area


  1st Shops : 1 mn   Health : 1 mn

  Kindergarten : 20 mn Elementary : 20 mn Middle School : 20 mn High school : 20 mn

  10 mn   20 mn   10 mn


West facade

This facade rises on 2 levels, old plaster to restore
3 openings:
On the first level a fenestron with wooden lintel
On the second level 2 wooden windows

South-West facade

Three levels for this facade, at the first level access by means of a semi-glazed wooden door, stone frame and transom with bars
Second level mullion window
At the third level wooden window
Rainwater evacuation system above the roof

North-West facade

Composed of 3 levels to restore, 1 single opening in the upper part by a wooden window

North facade 2

This facade corresponds to the rear facade of the tower
Also to restore, it has an arched opening with stone frame.
Opening onto a pedestrian crossing

South facade

It corresponds to the front face of the tower.
In exposed stones it has two openings.
On the first level an opening in a pointed arch, in the upper part a window closed by a wooden shutter
Three genoise rows on the end of the roof

East facade

It corresponds to a side face of the tower.
Exposed stones, it has no opening.

West facade 2

It corresponds to a side face of the tower.
Exposed stones, it has no opening.

South-East facade

It rises on 4 levels and has 11 openings.
On the ground floor, a horizontal loophole with barred and caulked fenestron
On the second level, a wooden window
On the third level, two wooden windows with leaves as well as a wooden window with shutters
The fourth level corresponds to a recently renovated terrace with wooden structure and frame.

North-East facade

It rises on 3 levels.
It contains 4 openings, a wooden door on the first level, on the second level a wooden window and two leaves.
The third level has a wooden window with two leaves.
Roof with rain drainage

The roof of the building has been partially renovated.

The interior surface is composed as follows:

Level 0

Room 1 to restore 46.43 m²
Vaulted ceiling, wooden door.

Room 2 to restore 27.16 m²
Vaulted ceiling, blind room.

Room 3 to restore 15.60 m²
Vaulted ceiling with staircase leading to the 1st level

Room 4 to restore 29.80 m²
Blind room

Room 5 to renovate 6 m²

Level 1

Room 6 Landing 12 m²
Semi-glazed wooden entrance door facing South West

Room 7 13 m²
Ornaments, coat of arms and coats of arms on the walls.

Room 8 36.55 m²
Exposed stones and old chimney flue.

Room 9 27.32 m²
Tiled floor, fireplace body.
South-East exposure

Room 10 7.08 m²
Wooden beams on the ceiling

Room 11 Hallway 6.37 m²
Wood paneling on the walls

Room 12 6.53 m²

Room 13 22.42 m²
Tiled floor, ceiling with wooden beams
Opening by window and wooden door

Room 14 Shower room 8.70 m²
Wall tiles
Wooden window facing South East

Room 15 Kitchen 8.70 m²
Wooden opening facing South-East

Room 16 Tower 12.51 m²
Wooden window and door

Room 17 landing 5.63 m²
Period staircase
Surface to restore
South West facing mullion window

Level 2

Room 18 3.62 m²
Blind surface

Room 19 9.85 m²
Communicating with room 18 and room 20

Room 20 38.40 m²
Partially restored surface
Ceiling with joists and wooden beams
Wooden window facing West and two wooden windows facing North.
It has access to room 21 through a wooden door.

Room 21 41.80 m²
The floor consists of a used period slab.
Wooden window facing South East
Fireplace to restore with plasterwork

Room 22 7.06 m²
Two-leaf wooden window facing North East

Room 23 33.75 m²
To restore, window facing South East
Access to this room is from room 21 or 18.
Chimney in poor condition.

Room 24 9.30 m²
Floor in poor condition, access is from room 23
Window with vents facing South East

Room 25 The 14th century Tower 12.26 m²
South facing wooden window
Access is via a wooden door.

Room 26 Landing and Staircase 5.45 m²
Renovated ceiling, rising staircase with wooden window facing South West

Level 3

Room 27 Landing 5.49 m²
Open to the outside by a terrace

Room 28 8.83 m²
Accessible from room 27
Blind surface

Room 29 32.85 m²
Partially renovated, blind area

Room 30 27.35 m²
Partially renovated, roof to be revised

Room 31 Terrace 33.20 m²
Panoramic view of the valley, South East exposure


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